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Britannica E-Books

Quick Electronic Access to Britannica Titles

Hundreds of new non-fiction titles and Britannica’s popular reference titles are now in e-book format.


Full Content Ownership

Purchase a Britannica e-book and your school or library owns perpetual access to that e-book? There are no ongoing annual subscription or platform fees.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access from any Internet-connected computer or Windows-based mobile device-24/7. Use e-books in classrooms, the library, an entire school, or a larger group. Home access is also available!

100+ New Titles Each Year

More than one hundred new Britannica e-book titles will be released each year, ensuring an expanding selection of reliable, high-quality resources.

Titles for every age, and reading level

Britannica has e-books for all levels—PreK to Adult—on a range of subjects.

See some of the available titles

Early Civilizations of the Americas

Early Americas



Artists Around the World

World Artists



Earth's Changing Environment

Changing Environment

Americas Literature

American Literature





July 15, 2015

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners is a Publishing House and a Digital Solutions provider with unparalleled resources, deploying world class technology to provide top of the line resources and content for schools and institutes of higher education, under license from Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. and Merriam-Webster Inc as Exclusive Partner in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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