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Britannica Pathways

An Interactive, Step-by-Step Approach to Understanding Science

With Pathways: Science, students use an interactive, hands-on approach so that they learn by doing, participating, discussing, and concluding. Pathways: Science is a new standards-correlated online tool that uses a “probe” framework to target commonly held misconceptions within the context of the existing science curriculum. Each lesson uses probe questions to help start the conversation about what students are thinking and why, and then follows a consistent progression based on student responses.

Britannica Pathways: Science

Eliminates common misconceptions

Pathways: Science covers nearly 100 common misconceptions about key scientific topics. Improve test scores by helping students understand science.

Engages through inquiry–based learning

An easy step-by-step approach guides students through the process of testing beliefs, digging for evidence, evaluating data, and reaching conclusions.

Easy to integrate into the classroom

Teacher Materials provide support documents for lessons, worksheets, and a glossary. The site also works with your existing response pad technology!


July 15, 2015

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