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The digital age has exponentially increased the number of readily available resources and information. Although technology has allowed for an increase in the exchange of data, consequently, it has also given rise to some problems. The ease of accessibility to information can sometimes lead to students finding potentially harmful and objectionable content. Britannica, a leading provider of learning and knowledge products worldwide, offers governments a solution to this problem. We are proud to be one of the world’s most trusted sources of information. Five words – educated, recent, current, humane and confident – are the values of Britannica’s core and encapsulate the characteristics of the Britannica brand.


For more than 240 years we have been a trusted resource and have used cutting-edge technology to transmit knowledge. We offer a wide variety of digital solutions that are a complete, reliable and appropriate source for different levels of schooling and learning abilities. Our content is specifically designed and intended for the education market. We create all our products with the understanding that access to information in general is good, but having access to the right information is an indispensable tool in the formation of young minds.

We understand that the supply of information by itself is not enough—students and teachers need to know how to use this information effectively. That’s why we offer a complete package for governments that combines the presentation of reliable material as well as professional development programs. These programs help instructors to distinguish the good quality information and how to use digital content in the classroom to enrich the learning experience. Request a consultation to learn more about our products and services available.


Британника предлагает проверенную модель министерствам образования по всему миру чтобы поддержать инициативы цифрового образования в своих странах. Предоставление доступа к редакции Британника, визуальным и обучающим материалам, гарантирует, что тысячи учащихся и педагогов откроют для себя самый современный и надежный источник знаний. Мы размещаемся в разных регионах по всему миру, адаптируя содержание под учебные стандарты каждой страны на соответствующем языке. Ознакомьтесь с брошюрой, чтобы узнать детально о нашем опыте в адаптации цифровых решений в сотрудничестве с разными государствами и учреждениями в целям соблюдения всех необходимых стандартов.
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