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Articles, Illustrations, Videos, practice quizzes, eBooks and much more

The content on Budbeed is authored by global companies like CNN, BBC, Rosen Publishing and many more. Here students get real life examples of concepts through immersive videos, detailed articles and appear for quizzes to validate their learning.

Learning in all 3 languages

The study material in Budbeed is available in all 3 languages. So the students can choose their preferred language to study. They can also switch languages and learn the same concept in a different language – say English.

Aligned to the National curriculum of Kazakhstan

We understand that teachers and students have a hectic schedule. And so the content is aligned at the topic and sub topic level to the National curriculum. This is done so that no time is wasted and students can confidently go through all the material.

Adaptive learning

Every kid is different. Some learn quickly, some take time. We understand this and so we use Artificial intelligence to identify the learning level of a kid to recommend study material and adjust the difficulty level of the quizzes based on that level.

We make learning engaging

For Students

For Teachers


Safe for students
All the content is checked and verified to make it safe for students

Make your classroom engaging
Use Budbeed in classroom or prepare classroom lessons through available articles, videos, eBooks, etc.

Easy to use
Simple interface, easy for kids, teachers and parents

Collaborate and share ideas
Create communities with educators around the country

Anytime Anywhere
Access through desktop, mobile or tablet anytime

No restriction on Language or Grade
Use in any language and any grade

Track progress
Students can measure and track their progress and learn better

February 21, 2019
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