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About Budbeed

The new method of learning

Budbeed is a new age learning platform for school kids. With high quality, interactive and engaging study material from some of the top global content providers, technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Budbeed is revolutionizing the process of learning by making it enjoyable. It is easy to use, adaptive, available for grades 1 to 9 in 3 languages – Kazakh, English and Russian. The content is aligned to the National Curriculum.

Students can collaborate with other students and teachers, engage and enjoy the mesmerizing learning videos, read in-depth articles, take adaptive assessments, read interactive books, etc. The students can personalize the content and share it with friends. Teachers can use it to plan their lessons, use it in the classrooms as well as form groups and connect with other teachers and parents. Parents have free access and can connect online and create groups with other parents, teachers and track progress of growth of the child.

Time on Budbeed passes unnoticed. Here school children can do what they love the most – Build communities, watch learning videos, and play learning games. All this is designed in a way so as to master the school curriculum and achieve success.

Teachers get access to all grades, while students get access to their respective grades as well as one grade above and below by subscribing to Budbeed. Since it is mapped to the national curriculum, teachers can use it as a tool for teaching in classroom to better explain the lessons.

Budbeed is for everyone, as it is one of the most affordable educational resources available today. Students, teachers and parents can register at


Key features of Budbeed learning platform

  • Multi- Lingual platform and study material
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Peer learning
  • Gamified learning
  • World Class Interactive Content
  • Mapped To The National Curriculum
  • Track Progress And Assessments
  • Integrated E-Reader For Online And Offline Reading
  • Free for parents to track





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