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Pronounce is an easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

Pronounce allows you to easily transform text material into spoken audio for pronunciation and speech practice.


Unlimited learning resources as any text material can be transformed into a live audio exercise
Ease of use, ease of editing,
short production time
Guides students to improve their pronunciation through instant feedback and visual indication of what sounds and words to improve on.
Text-to-speech voices allow users to listen to an accurate high-quality pronunciation model even in the absence of native teaching staff

How to practice with Pronounce?

  1. Select the voice that will read the model sentences.
  2. Pronounce automatically splits your text material into sentences.
  3. Adjust the playback speed of model audio. Lower speed may be used to facilitate understanding.
  4. Adjust how long your own recording time will be in comparison with the model sentence.
  5. Use the arrows to go to the next / previous sentence
  6. Listen to the current sentence
  7. Record yourself repeating the current sentence.

Pronunciation analysis and feedback

Whilst recording, the system is analyzing your speech. Once the recording is complete, Pronounce will automatically score your performance. for the sentence

Green indicates that your pronunciation was correct.

Yellow highlight indicates your pronunciation could be improved.

Red color indicates your pronunciation was not recognized.

Score meter displays an overall score for the sentence

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