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ТОО Knowledge Partners открыла языковую лабораторию в г. Актобе.

Актобе, 1 сентября 2016 г.

1 сентября 2016 года ТОО Knowledge Partners открыла языковую лабораторию для изучения английского языка в городе Актобе. На открытии…

Благотворительное мероприятие для школ-интернатов.

Астана, 8 апреля 2016 г.

Наша компания ТОО Knowledge Partners провела благотворительное мероприятие для школ-интернатов. Все дети 1 и 2 класса для…

Семинар с Национальной академией образования им. И. Алтынсарина.

Астана, 3 марта 2016 г.

Издательский дом Knowledge Partners совместно с Национальной академией образования им. И. Алтынсарина провели в Астане семинар для…

Knowledge Partners проводит семинары для преподавателей английского языка.

Алматы, 1 марта 2016 г.

ТОО Knowledge Partners совместно с Университетом КИМЭП провели семинар для преподавателей английского языка по использованию образовательного комплекса «The English Channel»…

Knowledge Partners запускает онлайн-словарь FREE KAZAKH TO ENGLISH

Астана, 9 апреля 2015 г

Совместно с Посольством США в Казахстане Knowledge Partners, эксклюзивный партнер по странам Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., США, в Республике Казахстан, запустили онлайн-словарь с казахского на…

Было проведено обучение с обсуждением плана обновления содержания работы

Астана, 31 января 2015 г.

Обучение состоялось 29 января 2015 года «Назарбаев Интеллектуальные школы» в рамках Меморандума о сотрудничестве на основе плана обновления содержания среднего образования. Ассамблея ОБСЕ…

Школа Britannica® выиграла Bett Award

Лондон 21 января 2015 г.

Школа Britannica®, наше всеобъемлющее информационное решение для дошкольного учреждения, получила престижную премию Bett Award…

Эксклюзивный партнер образовательных решений Казахстана

Чикаго, август 2014 г.

В течение последних нескольких лет компания Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., США, активно работает над продвижением цифрового обучения в нескольких странах. Стремясь к достижению этой цели, она…

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September 1, 2016 Knowledge Partners LLP installed language lab for English learning in the city of Aktobe. Attended on the opening Akim of Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbayev. According to the instructions of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev about three languages, children will learn Kazakh, Russian and English languages. At the same time, specialized software makes it possible to further engage in the study of another 33 foreign languages, developing on students skills and abilities in the field of speech and writing, and pronunciation. Also, Alimbek Seydullayev gave the legendary encyclopedia «Britannica» for this school.

Our company Knowledge Partners LLP held a charity event for boarding schools and orphanage schools. All children 1 and 2 classes received training complex «The English Channel» to learn English, which consists of a textbook, workbook, teacher’s manual and interactive CD-ROM drive.

Publishing House Knowledge Partners in cooperation with the National Academy of Education “Altynsarin” held a workshop for English teachers on the use of educational complex "The English Channel", within the framework of testing the state educational standard of primary education of the updated content in the 30 pilot schools of Kazakhstan in Astana.

International expert and author of the educational complex "The English Channel", Ms. Marianne Vaisoha showed active forms and methods of organizing learning activities in the classroom of English.

In partnership with the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan, Knowledge Partners, Exclusive Country Partner of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. USA, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, launched the Kazakh to English online dictionary of more than 27,000 words.  The announcement launching this comprehensive online dictionary was made at the WORLDDIDAC exhibition in Astana by Manish Wahie, Managing Director, and Knowledge Partners LLP: “We are very proud to be associated with the launch of this online dictionary. As a responsible corporate entity, Knowledge Partners is committed to Kazakhstan’s mission of making itself a Knowledge Economy. Comprehensive Encyclopaedia Britannica World class product offerings, which include English Language Lab, e-Library, Digital Learning Resources, and Curriculum text books will enable the students of Kazakhstan to compete with their peers worldwide.” Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Aleisha Woodward, Counselor for Press, Culture, and Education at the U.S. Embassy in Astana, said: “This is a part of our efforts to support English instruction and learning across Kazakhstan.  This country has made an ambitious goal to become a trilingual society and we want to do all we can to help achieve that goal.  This dictionary is a wonderful tool and we were pleased to help create it. This digital platform, which will be available 24x7 on any internet enabled device, will allow Kazakhstanis to quickly and easily incorporate English in their daily personal as well as professional lives.  The U.S. Embassy is grateful to Knowledge Partner LLP, for generously hosting the dictionary on their platform.”

On January 29, 2015, "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation on the basis of a plan to update the contents of secondary education took place. Assembly of the OSCE. President of the National Academy of Education named Li Zh.O. Zhilbaev, "NIS" the chairman of the AEO KN Shamshidinova.

Britannica® School, our comprehensive information solution for the preK–12 classroom, has won the prestigious Bett Award, the highest honour for an educational–technology product in Britain.

Over the last few years, Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., USA has been actively working to promote digital learning in several countries. In pursuit of this aim, it has allied with Knowledge Partners LLP as an exclusive learning solutions partner to promote digital learning throughout Kazakhstan. This alliance brings Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., a step closer towards its goal of providing Knowledge without boundaries.

Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. partnership will help the educational institutions and universities in Kazakhstan to provide customised solutions for learners. Students will be able to access Britannica libraries and a variety of learning materials.

Digital learning is the fastest growing segment in the educational market and holds great promise. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., is adopting a digitalized and universal approach to knowledge dissemination. Instead of using orthodox methods, it intends to make information digitally available to students of all ages 24/7. This will prepare students for the world they will be shaping by providing safe and accurate digital resources on demand on any device and wherever learning can occur.

Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., will endeavour to gain experience from this partnership to continue developing the latest methods to impart knowledge around the world. As Elliot Masie said, “We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.”

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